April 19, 2024


[Activating silent call transcript mode.

Silent ring engaged.]







Hi DJ,

it’s Mama Murphy.

Thought I’d give you a call

while you’re just sitting there

in that silly courtroom in New York

that has absolutely no jurisdiction

in the United States of America.


You know if you wanted,

you could actually get up

and walk out of there, right?

I mean you’re the one who said

before the 2016 election,

you could walk out onto 5th Avenue

and “shoot” someone

and your supporters

would still vote for you.


Not that I would recommend that,

but you’re Donald J. Trump.

What police officer or other agent

is going to stop you?


Well even you said

I’m doing a really great job

exposing the corruption

in some of the DA’s offices

and in the courts and

jury selection processes.


True. DJ it is most definitely

one of your talents and gifts...

the power of negotiation,

and now you’re using

the light of your celebrity

to really shine light on

how bad the pretense of

“official office” has become

when someone corrupt

is ineligibly in those positions.


I wrote a Writ of Arrest

against Schumer yesterday,

for deceiving the American people

by falsely claiming it was

“unconstitutional” to protect

the United States of America

and good faith Americans,

from foreign invasion and criminality.


We’ll see if there’s anyone

in the Senate who has enough

intelligence and chutzpah

to read Article I, Section 6,

that clearly says

Schumer shall be immediately arrested,

removed from that Senate position

on material basis-of-fact violation

of the sworn duties of the Senate

to process that impeachment trial.


DJ, you’ll love this too...

in the process of writing and issuing that

Writ of Arrest,

I also made a motion

that the national alleged “democrat” party,

be defunded, and criminally charged

with the High Crimes of

Treason, Felony Fraud, and

Breach of the Peace,

because they seditiously “voted”

on party lines, and did not override

Schumer when he prevented the Senate

from performing

its impeachment trial duties.


As duly sworn representatives of

good faith United States Americans,

that makes the entire group of

alleged “democrat” representative Senators

(and any alleged “republicans”

who also voted that falsehood),

complicit in the criminal acts of

Felony Perjury,

Breach of the Peace and Public Trust,

and Treason,

against the United States of America,

and good faith United States Americans,

who did not and would not vote for

a “democrat” (or a “republican”)

who would not protect

the United States from foreign invasion,

and instead, that entire party

is criminally aiding and abetting

that very assault and invasion

against our American Lives, Sovereignty,

Security, and Peace.


It’s a good day DJ.

Glad you’re calmly, peacefully,

giving them hell in New York,

just sitting there patiently exposing

how absurd

militant indoctrinated, foreign mindset,

“jungle law” courts are,

and why that has absolutely no jurisdiction

or authority anywhere

in the United States of America,

at the federal, state, or local level.


Thanks Mama Murphy,

it’s great to hear from you.

This really is the biggest waste of time.


Yes it is DJ.

And this has been happening

to all sorts of otherwise

good faith Americans,

who have been politically targeted

by those silly foreign-minded goofballs

and control freaks.


Just be thankful,

they haven’t asked you

to strip down to nothing but your

undies and put on a filthy hospital smock

while they hold you captive

for 10 days for no reason,

with no rights and no warrant

as they physically and pharmaceutically

assault you.


Yes, you’re right,

it could be a lot worse.


Actually DJ,

it should never be a lot worse,

certainly not like that,

or like what you’re being subjected to.

This is the United States of America.

Not some third world lunatic hellhole.


Have you got some good video games

on your cellphone?

Tetris is always fun.

You might even get a high score

just sitting there playing that game,

knowing America

is always Great.


Thanks Mama Murphy.


No problem DJ.

Love you sweetie.

Talk to you again soon.


[Silent call transcript mode ended.]




There you go Ladies and Gentlemen.


Glad to be of service.


I love you.

Have a great day.




Much Love,

Mama Murphy













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